It is 2022 and solar energy is here for the long haul. Homeowners across the country are learning first-hand the benefits of solar panels. However, in the dead of winter, solar panels might not be at the top of your home improvement list. Chilly temperatures and snowstorms tend to have homeowners asking themselves “Are solar panels able to produce enough power during the winter?”

Can solar panels produce electricity during cold winter months?

Yes! Even if you live in a colder climate, solar photovoltaic panels can still successfully generate electricity throughout the year. Because solar panels are powered by light rather than heat, outdoor temperature typically doesn’t affect their efficiency. In fact, according to SunPower, solar panels may perform better in cooler temperatures than very hot temperatures.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to using solar panels in the winter due to the fact that there are less hours of daylight during this time. This means that the total output of your solar panels will be less; however, your solar panels may continue to produce power as long as it’s light outside. 

It’s important to keep in mind that significant changes in temperature throughout the day or night may affect your solar panels. Extreme fluctuations in temperature can cause some types of solar panels to crack. Be sure to chat with your contractor about the best solar panel system for your area’s environment before installation gets started. 

Can solar panels produce electricity in the snow?

If you live in an area that experiences white winters, solar panels can still be a good option for you. Because snow can reflect light, sometimes a snowy environment can actually help solar panels can generate more electricity. 

For snow on the panel itself, light layers of snow are usually removed by wind. When it comes to heavy snowstorms, you may need a bit of extra care. Some snow may typically slide off on its own, and the panels will continue to generate power if part of the panel is exposed. However you may want to enlist a professional to remove heavy snow from your solar setup so that the weight of the snow doesn’t damage the panels’ support structure. 

Will a solar system work well in my area during the winter?

While a solar panel system can generally work well in any climate, the efficiency of your solar panel setup is dependent on a few different factors. 

Weather: Solar is a good idea in most areas, regardless of climate. However, if you do happen to live in a location that sees drastic temperature fluctuations throughout the day or night, you may want to connect with a local contractor to confirm the levels of efficiency you can expect — and how to protect your solar panel system from cracking.

Panel placement: Solar contractors can help you choose the most advantageous spot of your home (read: the area that gets the most sunlight throughout the day). Typically, solar systems are installed facing south, west or southwest.

To learn more about how solar panels work, and whether or not this home improvement project is right for you, check out our Guide to Solar.

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