It’s a brand-new year, and that means new and exciting innovations in the world of smart home technology. Although no one can say for sure what this year might hold for the ever-expanding industry, we can make a few educated guesses based on the direction it is currently headed.

Autonomy and robots

Whether we’re ready for it or not, it’s clear that the biggest names in the smart home world are devoting a not-insignificant amount of time and research to household robots. While the idea of a semi-intelligent robot that can handle the cleaning around the house isn’t unwelcome, it can also be a bit unsettling.

Home security

Convenience may be a driving force behind smart home technology, but an even greater force is home security. It’s built into the essence of the smart home itself.

The peace of mind that comes with a powerful home security system can’t be overrated. Even if you aren’t afraid of someone breaking into your home, security cameras can let you peek in on your pets while you’re away during the day and track what time your kids get home from school or when a package is delivered to your porch. Smart video doorbells like the Ring can function as a type of virtual butler thanks to Alexa Smart Responses.

Smarter sensors

Sensors are at the core of the smart home experience. You rely on motion sensors to trigger your security cameras, or possibly to turn on your lights. Glass break sensors are a key element of smart home security systems, and CO2 and smoke sensors are necessary for every home, smart or not. The problem is that so many of these sensors are bulky or serve only a single purpose.

An occupancy sensor can detect whether someone is in a room or not and react accordingly. Other sensor improvements you can expect to see more of in the year ahead include sleep sensors that is a combination of motion and sound detection that monitors how well you slept that night.

Health tracking and management

As we spend more and more time in our homes and remote work becomes more a part of everyday life, our smart home technology has the potential to improve our health. Sleep tech is one major way it already does this, and that’s likely to continue to improve in the year ahead. Smart beds can lead to better, deeper sleep, and can even identify potential sleep disorders you weren’t aware of.

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