Years ago smart home tech seemed like something that was only achievable if you had a luxurious lifestyle. However that has now changed because now smart home tech is a common feature that home buyers are also considering when purchasing their home. As smart homes become fully integrated and connected, homeowners can enjoy a seamless and holistic experience in a snap.

So what is to come in 2022 for Smart Home Technology?

Smart and healthy

Since the pandemic began, people have been more conscious about improving their health. Thus, another concept that many smart home tech companies are trying to address is health and wellness. One of the highlights for this year are new smart sleep solutions that can improve the quality of sleep at night, as well as solutions that can adapt to the users’ changing needs as they age.

Cleanliness — the smart way

The pandemic paved the way for more smart home devices that prioritize home cleanliness like smart humidifiers and air quality sensors.

Smart robot vacuums have become increasingly popular and are common amongst homeowners. Recently Ecovacs came out with a new vacuum that will not only automatically vacuum and mop, but it’ll also empty, debris, washes, dries, and refills the mop all on its own. 

another major idea along with cleanliness was the concept of touchless, especially in the bathroom. The new MotionSense Wave faucet lets the homeowner control the water flow without laying a hand on the faucet. 

Smart security getting smarter

As the pandemic ushered in a surge of online shopping, it became a common gesture for homeowners to request the delivery man to leave the packages on the porch. However, these packages become targets for thieves. Worry not! These smart home tech devices bring good news with new, smarter features. 

Eufy, a smart home brand, has a battery-powered 1080p dual-camera option that captures porch visitors in a 160-degree field of view. It also has a second camera that shoots below eye level with a 120-degree range. This means homeowners can see the visitors approaching the porch and at the same time, monitor the packages on the porch floor. They can watch both cams at the same time as the app splits the screen automatically between the two cameras. 

Furthermore, the AI in the device can recognize and identify deliveries left at doorways, as well as the homeowner’s friends and family. It sends notifications when someone approaches a package left behind.

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