As we continue through these winter months you might see your electric bill continue to rise. We are having shorter and colder days with less sunlight. The lights in your home are staying on longer, and your running your heater more. We have a few more months of this and cant’t change the weather- so what can you do? Well we have provided you with some tips on how to ease your electric bill:

  1. Change Your Lightbulbs: Replace any incandescent bulbs with LED lights. Now be warned that not all LED’s are created equal. So be sure to watch carefully for Energy Star ratings.
  2. Appliances: Use the oven in winter and crockpot in the summertime–or the grill. Don’t forget to flip the switch on your ceiling fan, so the blades rotate in the clockwise direction. All of these little tricks on their own don’t amount to too much, but over time, you’ll find your monthly bill for the same time last year was higher.
  3. Regular HVAC Maintenance: Does your HVAC filter look like the dryer lint trap combined with a Wookie? Get in the habit of changing it regularly. Regular professional maintenance of your HVAC will not only save you money but will also extend the life of the unit — double win.
  4. Hang Dry Some Garments: Having a clothes pole above the washing machine might save you more money than you think. You might try shutting off your dryer before it can completely dry your clothes, and instead hang them up while they are still damp to air dry them.

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