Owning a home can be a significant source of wealth. Over the years many homeowners have started to upgraded and improve their property in order to increase the home’s value. Many homeowners are in a rush to enhance their kitchens and bathrooms, but many overlook one of the simplest home upgrades which provides a big return for the expense: residential lighting.

Here are some lighting ideas for your home:

  • Beautify The Bathroom Lighting: If your bathroom has overhead lights, consider replacing them with wall-mounted lights to add warmth and value to your bathroom, recommends hgtv.com. To avoid side shadows, keep in mind that even and subtle lighting is the way to go. A quick tip: high wattage bulbs make small spaces feel larger and soft lighting brings warmth to empty spaces.
  • Kitchen Lighting is Essential: Countertops, cabinets and flooring get all the attention when upgrading kitchens. Yet without proper Kitchen lighting, the room will never look or function as well as it should. Kitchens are workspaces. A single, central overhead light simply doesn’t provide adequate illumination when you are looking in the back corner of a cabinet for pumpkin spice.
  • Natural Light: Open window shades, blinds and curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. Natural lighting makes your home appear lighter and brighter and the feeling of more space. As a bonus, the additional natural light can help reduce your electric bill.
  • Room Elegance: Consider replacing boring room lights with an eye-catching chandelier. More than any other feature, chandeliers can add a unique, elegant touch to a room. Chandeliers don’t need to be restricted to living rooms and dining rooms either. They can add a spa-like ambiance to master bedrooms and baths.

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