Solar panel removal and reinstallation is the process of temporarily removing rooftop solar panels so that construction work or repairs can be completed. The work is often necessitated by an aging roof, remodel or possibly, weather damage.

How Does Uninstalling and Reinstallation of Solar Panels Work?

During this process, the conduit, panels, and racking are removed. Then technicians safely and professionally detach these elements prior to the roof repair or replacement. Once the roof work is complete the solar panel elements will the elements and turn the system back on, ensuring your system is performing as it was prior to removal.

Planning a Removal and Reinstallation?

There are some key details to consider before you choose a company to remove and reinstall your solar panels. Here are the most important factors:


It’s crucial to hire a company that has the right experience and knowledge for the job. Only solar companies know the true value and correct way of handling each component of a solar system.

Be wary of scams! A roofer or contractor may claim that they can remove and reinstall your solar panels, but there are a few problems with this offer. First, this will void your warranty. Solar components are costly, and if an unauthorized, inexperienced team were to break something, the customer would be responsible for the damage. Second, the contractor does not usually have a skilled electrician or journeyman who can ensure that the job is done properly and that your solar system will function as intended. Third, their lack of expertise could potentially create electrical hazards resulting in costly repairs or a risk of fire.