Smart Sockets: Without making any permanent changes, smart plugging remains the most important and fundamental method of automation. Inexpensive and very simple to use and configure, you may be able to move easily to your place with a smart plug.

Security Cameras:  There’s a wide range of choices if you are looking for wireless security cameras. Even when you’re away, most options allow you to stay connected because phone alerts come through to your smart phone and can sometimes even record video footage and store it. As you can also customize alerts because there’s an integrated speaker and mic that allows you to intervene and get rid of any unwanted intruder. 

Doorbell Cameras: Since the bulk of doorbells need hardwiring, they don’t make the most renter-friendly approach to smartening up your entry system. Generally, doorbells always need hardwiring; they don’t seem efficient for apartment tenants to smarten up their entry systems. To avoid this kind of issues, the security specialist Ring offers the Video Doorbell 2 powered by a quick-release with a rechargeable battery. A hardwired version is also available but the wireless model is most convenient for house tenants. The battery may last up to 6 months before recharging it, besides its form which is slender with interchangeable faceplates.

Smart Lighting: If you want to get rid of the switches and cabling, try to improve the lighting of your location by smartening it. Check out simple smart LED bulbs ideal for temporary accommodation. Some options allow you to control white or colored lights by using voice commands or via the application on your smart phone or using a wireless remote control. The way you control them will depend on your configuration and your readiness to invest in a hub.

Smart Locks: You may think that smart locks are inaccessible to tenants. This might be true because your landlord does not want to change the locks too much. Luckily there are ways around this. There are options where you can simply slide the smart lock in the door of your house without adding anything: no worries, no adjustment. You can always remove it when you so desire. And most importantly, you will not need any tools or keys.

Smart Shower Heads: Without performing any physical changes in your bathroom, you can beautify with a smart shower head. These are also easy to use, you just need to connect the shower head to any regular overhead shower arm in a little time and it doesn’t require any tools. You also have the option to ornament your shower time with 7 LED colored lights that are powered by running water with no batteries needed. The colors keep on rotating automatically every few seconds. The added smarts exist in the shape of oxygen injected into the water flow to optimize water pressure. There are different jets to choose from: rain, massage, a rain/massage mix or a water-conservation mode etc.

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