The Connect Series delivers high efficiency variable speed mini-split performance with the flexibility to allow application with a 24 volt
conventional ducted air handler. The system’s ease of application includes compatibility with many common 24 volt thermostat in use with legacy heat pump systems. Replacing and converting low efficiency systems with an ultra high efficiency, variable speed system is now simple and affordable.

The variable speed inverter outdoor heat pump system uses advanced logic to match outdoor unit capacity to the structure’s heating and cooling load, and includes all of the design advantages of a conventional mini-split
condenser. In addition, the Capacity Select feature configures the two available Connect Series outdoor units to perform at four of the most common indoor unit capacity levels.

GE connect


Mid-Vapor Compressor Technology

Using mid-vapor technology, the compressor produces a remarkably high heat output at extremely low temperatures. This gives the
Connect Series a major advantage over conventional heat pumps, in that bountiful heat output means less reliance on supplemental electric, fossil fuel, or oil heating systems.

Capacity Select Function

The two available Connect Series outdoor units can be configured via the capacity select function to produce 2, 3, 4, or 5 tons of capacity, which would have required stocking four conventional outdoor heat pump units. For contractors and distributors, this feature means simplified inventory planning and control, more warehouse space, and saving money

Quiet and High Efficiency Operation

Sound-dampening features, in both indoor and outdoor sections, means the Connect Series operates at the “soft conversation” level as low as 45dB. Advanced operating logic integrated in the Connect control system ensures industry-leading comfort, economy, and reliability.

24 Volt Thermostat Compatible

The Connect Series delivers ultra high efficiency without the need for complicated indoor thermostats. The system can be controlled by many existing 24 volt heat pump thermostats that includes an adjustable reversing valve setting.

Small Footprint

The small footprint of the Connect Series outdoor unit provides more installation flexibility than conventional top-discharge outdoor units.

Key Features

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High efficiency DC inverter
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R-410A refrigerant
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Up to 20 SEER and 10.5 HSPF
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High heating output at extremely low outdoor air
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Advanced system operating protections and error detection
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Long line set length
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Outdoor unit basepan heater
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Gold Fin coil corrosion protection
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10 year registered warranty