The money you spend on utilities rises dramatically in the summer and winter months when temperature control sees the highest use. Winter can be especially problematic, as heating costs are a matter of survival. Luckily we have provided you with some ways to help your save energy this winter:

  • Let In Natural Light: During the winter the sun might only be out for a limited amount of time, so take advantage! The sun is a fantastic source of free heat. By opening your curtains and blinds during the daytime, you take advantage of the greenhouse effect and allow the sun to naturally heat your home.
  • Close Doors & Vents in Unused Rooms: Have a guest room you don’t use unless the in-laws are in town? A storage room? Maybe the kids are away at college. Whatever the reason, if you have a room in your house that people rarely enter, you’re wasting valuable energy heating it in the wintertime. Close off all vents in the room and shut all doors. This will prevent you from paying to heat uninhabited space.
  • Keep Air Circulating: Ceiling fans are a great way to help keep you warm in winter. If your fan has a reverse switch then you should enable it so it turns clockwise. This will produce an updraft and move the warm air down into the rest of the room. 
  • Turn Down the Thermostat At Night: You can actually save 10% on your energy bill just by turning your thermostat down 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours a day. Turn down your thermostat when no one is home and when everyone is asleep. You’ll stay toasty warm under your thick blankets while saving money. 
  • Reset Your Water Heater: Your water heater heats water to a set temperature, then maintains that temperature 24/7. That means that your water heater just cycles on and off, continually reheating water to that temperature, whether you use it or not. Just setting the temperature on your water heater a few degrees cooler can save you a couple dollars on your energy bills. Unless you’re in the habit of taking showers at skin-scalding temperatures, you likely won’t even notice the difference.  
  • Smart Thermostat: Consider purchasing a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi enabled device that automatically adjusts temperature settings in your home for peak energy efficiency. These devices learn your habits and preferences and establish a schedule that automatically adjusts to energy-saving temperatures when you are asleep or away.

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