There are a wide variety of improvements and replacements worth considering as you go through a kitchen remodel. If you’re wanting to make your kitchen more energy efficient but don’t know how then here is a list of energy-efficient projects for inspiration:

  • Windows: Energy-efficient windows provide a quick aesthetic upgrade to both the interior and exterior of your home and can help maintain your home’s temperature so you don’t need to run the heat or air conditioning as often.
  • Fridge: Swap your old refrigerator for an energy-efficient upgrade that features your favorite stainless steel look. 
  • Lighting: Energy-efficient light bulbs are readily available at most home improvement and department stores. Consider looking into energy monitoring smart plugs for the lamps and appliances in your home.
  • Plumbing: High-efficiency plumbing fixtures like low-flow faucets may reduce water usage and help you save on your utility bills. Look for products with the EPA’s WaterSense label.

There are plenty of projects to help boost your kitchen’s energy efficiency, but don’t forget to consider kitchen upgrades that can be installed simultaneously, including:

  • Countertops: New countertops can transform the look of your kitchen; try butcher block and enjoy a knife-friendly surface or opt for elegance with granite, marble, or quartz countertops.
  • Cabinetry: Give your cabinets a facelift to improve the utility and style of your kitchen. Add glass door inserts for an instant dose of designer appeal or install roll-out shelving for functionality.
  • Flooring: New kitchen flooring can help you upgrade your cooking area; as you browse your options, keep durability and maintenance needs in mind. Choose from laminate, hardwood, tile, vinyl, and more.
  • Backsplashes: Used to protect kitchen walls from spills and splatters, today’s backsplashes are made from a wide array of striking materials and have become a focal point of the modern kitchen.
  • Butler’s Pantry: This small service and storage room is typically located between your kitchen and dining area, and can transform the way you entertain guests. The modern butler’s pantry serves as a wet bar and supporting prep area.

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