Prime energy is at the forefront of renewable energy. Specializing in solar energy and prioritizing your future. Offering products & services to lower energy costs and save you money.

We have dedicated teams that serve projects from roofing to trees to smart home automation. We elevate your home & lifestyle.

Prime energy has serviced New England for 6 years and counting, leading a team of respected consultants and pushing a new age initiative.


Our mission has always been to have a positive impact on our community and to provide a path to financial freedom via solar savings & benefits.

We offer the industry’s best finance options, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re taking the right steps. We are committed to respectintegrity, and safety for all.

Trust Prime Energy for Prime Results!


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#1 Local Roofing & Solar Company In CT and Surrounding Areas

The team at Prime Energy Solar values the safety and comfort of your home or business as much as you do. That’s why we offer unparalleled, professional roofing and solar installation and repair services in Milford, Connecticut. If you’re looking for a new roof and you want it installed by the best solar roofing company Milford CT has to offer, then give Prime Energy Solar a call!

Roofing services with honesty, integrity, and love for your community

As a homeowner, putting a new roof on your home is one of the most significant investments you will make, and it’s an important decision. There are hundreds of roofing companies in CT to choose from, and working with the best roofing contractor, solar roofing, roofing installation and repair in Connecticut has to offer will give you peace of mind knowing that you will get the best quality roof that fits your budget.